RKN Global Advocates the Need for Biometric Identity Cards

RKN Global DWC-LLC, founded by former INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble, enhances the security of countries and their citizens through secure document production and integrated identity document screening for the public and private sector.  RKN Global believes that the more persons who are issued biometric ID’s, the safer that the world will be. RKN

RKN Global Shows You How to Make Identity Theft Harder

Imagine somebody out there pretending to be you. How would it feel? Well, you definitely would feel violated and out of place. Identity theft has become a major predicament with identity thieves coming up with new ways to outshine their victims. Identity theft is definitely a violation of the right to privacy and this could

RKN Global’s Founder Continues the Humanitarian Fight to Clear Name of Innocent Man?

Dallas’ obligation to remove the wrongful label of “suspected cop killer” from Mark Hughes is long overdue. More than two months have passed since the cold-blooded murder of five police officers and the wounding of nine others at the end of a peaceful Black Lives Matter march in Dallas, Texas. Yet an innocent man, Mark

RKN Global’s Founder, Ronald Noble, Highlights Need for Enhanced Passport Screening

Less than 12 countries worldwide systematically screen passports against INTERPOL’s databases to determine if they were stolen, altered or fake! Most of INTERPOL’s member countries do not have the system or policies in place to permit them to screen the passports of those crossing borders.  This presents a huge risk to our airlines, their passengers

RKN Global founder, Ronald Noble, applauds UK PM May’s demand for global crackdown on airport terror threat

The threat of global terrorism continues to grow — almost daily. Fortunately, UK Prime Minster Theresa May is advocating measurable actions to tighten aviation security and protect countries the world over from terrorism. Ronald Noble, former INTERPOL Secretary General is applauding her efforts. However, he recommends further steps be taken. His company, RKN Global, is