The Complexity of Combating Fake News

  Last month, representatives from popular social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were talking about their difficulties in trying to combat fake news, hate speech and hate propaganda before an audience of lawyers and law students. They said that the problem is complex, which is why it has no easy answers. Executives are

Will A.I. Solve Facebook’s Fake News Problem?

Facebook’s troubles with abuse–including unwanted content from nudity, to hate speech to serious violence—do not seem to be amenable to an easy solution. However, these days what has proven to be most damaging and sensitive for the tech giant is fake news, false information and hoaxes. Facebook’s strategy to deal with the Fake News issue

MIT Reveals Three Ways to Destroy Bitcoin

An article in the MIT Technology Review came up with not one or two, but three plans to destroy the virtual currency Bitcoin. The article, titled “Let’s Destroy Bitcoin,” unveils three paths that could result in the demise of the artificial currency. 1. Government Takeover According to the article, the first option to take down

Can Facebook’s Fake News Problem Be Solved?

Almost two years ago, the problem of fake news on Facebook landed on the public radar.  In his recent testimony before the Commerce and Judiciary committees of the U.S. Senate, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed data privacy, fake news, and Russian disinformation on the social media platform. Zuckerberg apologized for the Cambridge Analytica privacy breach

How Blockchain Integration Will Improve Corporate Efficiency and Transparency

The implications of using distributed ledger technology to track the lifecycle of products and services are staggering. Businesses are already increasing the efficiency, security, and transparency of their brands by integrating Blockchain technology into their existing production and shipping processes. Before Blockchain Supply management has always been one of the most important logistical hurdles for

Russia And Its War On Telegram

Telegram is a secure, encrypted messaging app that has gained popularity around the world.  It has also been banned in Russia. Telegram had refused, based on its moral obligation to its users, a demand by the Russian government to hand over user encryption codes by April 4th.  Russia’s resulting ban of Telegram officially started shortly