J’Accuse: A Prime Minister Makes Accusations of Match-Fixing

20-07-2017 shutterstock_670368112

Corruption in sports is big business. With literally billions of people in the world watching sport to varying degrees, there is ample opportunity for money to be made through ticket sales, broadcasts, advertising and merchandise. And, of course, through crime. Match-fixing is the improper manipulation of a sporting event, and it is, unfortunately, very prevalent.

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The Calibri Font, a Corruption Investigation of a Prime Minister, and the Importance of Details

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One of the significant factors leading to corruption is the possession of power—economic or political—that can be abused for one’s personal benefit. For this reason, politicians the world over seem to constantly be buffeted by corruption scandals, even as they try to maintain their hold on power in the face of investigative and judicial scrutiny.

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When Corruption Strikes Back

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Corruption, we have written on numerous occasions, is part and parcel of human societies. As such—absent some unforeseen change in human nature– it can be combatted, cut down, and reduced, but never completely eliminated. Ronald K. Noble, founder of RKN Global, emphasizes the importance of transparent institutions and proper checks and balances in helping reduce

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