RKN Global on Charity Donation Fraud


Many people regularly give money to charity; in 2014, £10.6 billion was raised in the UK alone. On average, people in the UK donate £14 per month to a charity, with much of the money going towards medical research.  Those who donate money on a regular basis should make sure the money they’re giving goes

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RKN Global on When Accusations of Corruption are Made

22-06-2017 shutterstock_662422696

A media storm has enveloped a justice on the high court of Calcutta, India.  C.S. Karnan, before he was transferred to the Calcutta high court, served on the Madras high court.  At that time, he made public accusations, including through an open letter to the Indian Prime Minister, against numerous sitting and retired judges throughout

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RKN Global on Corruption, Unaoil and the Domino Effect

10-06-2017 shutterstock_655878676

Last year, an Australian newspaper, the Age, published an expose after coming into possession of a trove of emails relating to corruption in a privately-held, Monaco-based company called Unaoil. Unaoil, which offered itself as a middle-man

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