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RKN Global on Charity Donation Fraud

Many people regularly give money to charity; in 2014, £10.6 billion was raised in the UK alone. On average, people in the UK donate £14 per month to a charity, with much of the money going towards medical research.  Those who donate money on a regular basis should make sure the money they’re giving goes

RKN Global on When Accusations of Corruption are Made

A media storm has enveloped a justice on the high court of Calcutta, India.  C.S. Karnan, before he was transferred to the Calcutta high court, served on the Madras high court.  At that time, he made public accusations, including through an open letter to the Indian Prime Minister, against numerous sitting and retired judges throughout

RKN Global on Corruption, Unaoil and the Domino Effect

Last year, an Australian newspaper, the Age, published an expose after coming into possession of a trove of emails relating to corruption in a privately-held, Monaco-based company called Unaoil. Unaoil, which offered itself as a middle-man

RKN Global Founder Ronald K. Noble on Not All in the World is Corrupt. . .

Not all in the world is corrupt.  This message bears repeating, especially for those involved in understanding and battling corruption, for whom corruption would seem omnipresent and no man or woman exempt.   This contrary reminder comes in the form of a twenty-two year old English man named Marcus Hutchins, whose quick thinking helped avert

Ronald Noble, RKN Global Founder, on Piracy and Corruption

The well-known American public radio show, This American Life, recently ran a program about piracy, in which it profiled the story of Mohamad Aden, a man who by all accounts moved to Somalia from the United States at great personal expense in order to improve his war-torn country of origin, and—depending on whose account is

RKN Global on Guns, Licenses and Corruption

“A person that had 10 moving violations and had been the subject of at least four domestic violence complaints including one in which he allegedly threatened to kill someone” is how a New York prosecutor described a man who allegedly received a gun license from the New York City Police Department tasked with regulating licenses. 

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