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RKN Global on Public Perception of Corruption

A recent survey of perceived corruption in Asia does not offer much good news. Transparency International, an anti-corruption watchdog, surveyed almost 22,000 people from sixteen different countries in Asia over a year and a half, focusing on the prevalence of corruption.  The vast majority of respondents painted a picture of corruption which is widespread, even

Ronald Noble, RKN Global’s Founder, on Increased Intolerance for Corruption in South Africa

The annual report of Corruption Watch, an NGO focused on reporting on and combatting corruption in South Africa, proffered some good news in the release of its 2016 annual report:  Corruption is becoming less tolerated by South Africans. The NGO’s annual report measured the society’s decreasing tolerance for corruption by measuring the number of whistleblowers

Ronald K. Noble, RKN Global founder, on Corruption’s Effects—Even When It is Uncertain There Is Corruption

Match-fixing is a form of corruption in sports that is widespread, both in terms of its international reach and the range of sports that are susceptible to it.  Virtually any sport anywhere in the world can be targeted for match-fixing; most have already. Ronald K. Noble, RKN Global’s founder, notes that because match-fixing is so

Ronald Noble, RKN Global founder, on Food Corruption

U.S. legislators are calling for sanctions against Venezuelan officials who are taking advantage of the power afforded to them in the midst of a painful food shortage crisis in order to take bribes and corruptly profit off of the misfortune and hunger of the people of Venezuela. Ronald Noble, RKN Global’s founder, explains that all

Ronald Noble, RKN Global Founder, on the Death of Brazilian Corruption Investigator

In light of the corruption allegations and investigations that have reverberated throughout Brazil this past year, the death today of the Supreme Court justice who oversaw an enormous corruption investigation is both tragic and deeply troubling.  While it is too early to know the cause of the plane crash off the Brazilian coast that caused

Ronald Noble, RKN Global’s Founder, on the Overseas Trial for Corruption of a President’s Son

The power afforded to high level government officials offers tremendous temptation for corruption.  At times, this corruption can affect the family of those officials as well.  This may be illustrated by the case of Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, (“Mangue”) the son of the President of Equatorial Guinea, who is standing trial in France for corruption.

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