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RKN Global Encourages You to Act to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft –the deliberate, illegal use of someone else’s identity–might sound intangible, but it is very real and its dangers can be significant.  With identity theft, criminals can steal money and property, obtain credit or other financial benefits in our names, and cause irrevocable harm to our financial and personal lives. There are really two

RKN Global’s Flagship Product: Globally Verifiable Identity Document (GVID) for Migrants & Refugees

The Globally Verifiable Identity Document (GVID) builds trust between authorities of destination and source countries. It also builds trust between law enforcement and migrants or refugees.  For example, institutions of destination countries know that the holder of a GVID has had his/her photograph and biometric identifying elements taken prior to the issuance of his/her GVID. 

RKN Global Alert: Scammers’ Are Phishing for Our Identity at a Different Level

Cybercriminals are constantly changing their tactics to keep one step ahead of the authorities and the unsuspecting population. Even people who consider themselves to be extra vigilant and informed can fall victim to the latest scams; with new fraudulent activities designed to appear personable and convincing. These new attacks – described as social engineering –

RKN Global Advocates the Need for Biometric Identity Cards

RKN Global DWC-LLC, founded by former INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble, enhances the security of countries and their citizens through secure document production and integrated identity document screening for the public and private sector.  RKN Global believes that the more persons who are issued biometric ID’s, the safer that the world will be. RKN

RKN Global Shows You How to Make Identity Theft Harder

Imagine somebody out there pretending to be you. How would it feel? Well, you definitely would feel violated and out of place. Identity theft has become a major predicament with identity thieves coming up with new ways to outshine their victims. Identity theft is definitely a violation of the right to privacy and this could

RKN Global’s Founder Continues the Humanitarian Fight to Clear Name of Innocent Man?

Dallas’ obligation to remove the wrongful label of “suspected cop killer” from Mark Hughes is long overdue. More than two months have passed since the cold-blooded murder of five police officers and the wounding of nine others at the end of a peaceful Black Lives Matter march in Dallas, Texas. Yet an innocent man, Mark