RKN Global Shows You How to Make Identity Theft Harder


Imagine somebody out there pretending to be you. How would it feel? Well, you definitely would feel violated and out of place. Identity theft has become a major predicament with identity thieves coming up with new ways to outshine their victims. Identity theft is definitely a violation of the right to privacy and this could be detrimental to the victim’s well-being. So, do you know how to make theft of your identity harder? If you don’t you are at the right place.

In order to avoid such a situation, you should consider taking steps to ensure your identity is secure.

Making it hard for intruders to access your credit reports is the first step towards securing your identity. Call a credit bureau and request for a credit freeze. But, if you want to use the funds in your credit, you will be required to seek a temporary request for the freeze to be lifted. Having your credit frozen can be a hassle and you might be required to pay a small fee. This is move is less expensive compared to having the criminal’s mess on your credit report cleaned. However, for victims who have acquired a police report, their credits will be frozen at no cost.

RKN Global Reminds All of Us That Security Begins with Us

You should also remember that the security of your account starts with the security questions you are required to answer when creating the account. Therefore, you should be strategic when answering these questions. Avoid giving the real answers to these questions since it is easier for the criminal to find out information about you from various sources including social media. The security questions determine how secure your account is since they are used in case you lose your password. Finally, be sure to use different characters in your passwords.


RKN Global notes that wWith the serious threat posed by identity theft, you certainly need to be on the lookout for any suspicious transactions in your account even with the adequate security measures. More to that, be sure to safeguard your personal information such as account numbers and passwords. As much as these security steps do not guarantee safety, they will go a long way in minimizing the devastating effects caused by identity theft.

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