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NHS cyber-defender arrested in the US

The cyber expert credited with having stopped the WannaCry attack on Britain’s National Health Service has been arrested by the FBI. Marcus Hutchins, who had wanted to remain anonymous after preventing the spread of the attack, was found and arrested in Las Vegas, where he had been attending a conference for security experts, hackers and

ID Theft: Corrupt Insider Access

The damage that can be caused by identity theft is wide ranging. With someone else’s identity in hand, thieves can steal money, open lines of credit, incur debt, receive medical care, and even go to jail without their own names being tarnished. The result is profoundly damaging to victims: Lost savings, destroyed credit rating, crippling

How Safe is Your Router?

The safety of home routers has recently come into question, when it was discovered that Virgin Media’s Super Hub 2 router could be hacked in a very short space of time. The concern is that if the router’s password is not changed from its default password, it could leave the router open to attack. Ronald

Planting Evidence or Just Reconstructing the Scene—Does it Matter?

In January 2017, Baltimore police arrested an alleged drug dealer at his home, evidenced by body camera video of one of the police officers finding drugs hidden in trash in the suspect’s backyard. All of this would not be controversial, except for the fact that earlier in the video footage, the officer can be seen

J’Accuse: A Prime Minister Makes Accusations of Match-Fixing

Corruption in sports is big business. With literally billions of people in the world watching sport to varying degrees, there is ample opportunity for money to be made through ticket sales, broadcasts, advertising and merchandise. And, of course, through crime. Match-fixing is the improper manipulation of a sporting event, and it is, unfortunately, very prevalent.

The Calibri Font, a Corruption Investigation of a Prime Minister, and the Importance of Details

One of the significant factors leading to corruption is the possession of power—economic or political—that can be abused for one’s personal benefit. For this reason, politicians the world over seem to constantly be buffeted by corruption scandals, even as they try to maintain their hold on power in the face of investigative and judicial scrutiny.