6 Popular Crypto-Accepting Businesses

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, it’s always great to hear of more sites and brick-and-mortar establishments that accept cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment, giving you more options as where to spend your hard-earned Bitcoin. Hearing about crypto-accepting sites also offers crypto enthusiasts hope for the future of crypto, in spite of so many large companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter shunning digital currencies. Below is a list of some prominent companies that let you pay with cryptocurrency.

  1. Virgin Galactic- Richard Branson, the owner of the famous Virgin brand, is all for creative enterprises and is a cryptocurrency fan. Most of his Virgin companies accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. The most exciting way to spend your digital money with him would undoubtedly be on one of the Virgin Galactic trips to outer space. The sky is not the limit for cryptocurrencies!
  2. Subway- The world’s biggest on-the-go sandwich supplier now accepts Bitcoin when you pay at some of its branches. While you may not be able to use this function at all branches, it looks like Subway will extend its use of cryptocurrency if enough of its customers opt for it.
  3. Overstock.com- Overstock was one of the first major online retailers to embrace cryptocurrencies all the way back in 2014. Overstock accepts a range of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and Litecoin. The great thing about Overstock is that you can buy nearly anything on the site, from TVs to couches.
  4. Expedia- Expedia is one of the biggest online travel booking agencies out there, with many deals and flights and accommodation worldwide. Just like Overstock, Expedia also started accepting Bitcoin as a valid payment method back in 2014.
  5. Shopify- Shopify allows individuals to setup their own stores on its site, creating a massive online marketplace that has done incredibly well. In late 2013, all of the Shopify retailers were given the option of accepting Bitcoin, by using BitPay.
  6. PizzaforCoins- Who doesn’t love pizza? This innovative company made headlines with its famous pizza delivery app. PizzaforCoins doesn’t make the pizza itself, but acts as a middle-man delivery service between customers and a variety of pizza retailers, including Dominoes and Papa Johns.


It is impossible to predict the future, but the adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment method by these and other vendors is a vote of confidence in the viability and future of the sector.

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