RKN Global’s Flagship Product: Globally Verifiable Identity Document (GVID) for Migrants & Refugees

RKN Global

The Globally Verifiable Identity Document (GVID) builds trust between authorities of destination and source countries. It also builds trust between law enforcement and migrants or refugees.  For example, institutions of destination countries know that the holder of a GVID has had his/her photograph and biometric identifying elements taken prior to the issuance of his/her GVID.  Holders of GVID should therefore have their crossing of borders expedited by authorities.

The security of countries is enhanced because of the more intense screening of applicants provided by the GVID.  The way to build trust is to offer an identity solution that allows migrants and refugees to prove who they are.  What are the benefits of the GVID?

  • Creates and manages a global identification system for migrants and refugees
  • Sets a single standard for and format of identity card for the international migrant and refugee
  • Permits the biometric verification of the identities of migrants and refugees at border crossings
  • Compares the migrants’ and refugees’ data against the international criminal databases
  • Collects valuable statistical data on the international movement migrants and refugees

RKN Global GVID Provides a Secure and Flexible Way to Monitor and Regulate flow of Migrants and Refugees:

GVID offers the complete automation of border and migration control at thenational, regional and global levels — whether they be by land or sea.  It provides secure on-line access and verification through national and international databases. Instantly, it gives the identities of persons irrespective of their nationality or country of origin.

GVID collects biometric identification data at application centres. The verification of migrants’ or refugees’ personal data can occur at fixed or mobile locations.  GVID can provide valuable information about migrants and refugees for individual countries or for regional grouping of countries.

RKN Global Believes that the More Migrants/Refugees who Obtain their CIC, the Safer the World Will Be:

It has been well established that a terrorist’s most valuable weapon is a stolen, fake or forged identity document.  The GVID offers all persons the opportunity to have their identity verified against global databases.  By voluntarily offering to provide their biometric data, GVID holders prove that they are willing to satisfy the highest standards of scrutiny.  More governments should welcome all GVID holders into their countries.

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