RKN Global Advocates the Need for Biometric Identity Cards

RKN Global

RKN Global DWC-LLC, founded by former INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble, enhances the security of countries and their citizens through secure document production and integrated identity document screening for the public and private sector.  RKN Global believes that the more persons who are issued biometric ID’s, the safer that the world will be.

RKN Global’s founder, Ronald Noble, visited all of INTERPOL’s 190 member countries. This experience gave Noble a unique perspective on a variety of security gaps regularly exploited by terrorists and other dangerous criminals around the world.  The most serious of these is the use of fraudulent travel documents to cross borders.  In the words of the U.S. 9/11 Commission Report, “for terrorists, fraudulent travel documents are as important as weapons.”

Mr. Noble’s company, RKN Global, has signature products designed to keep countries and their people safe by detecting and preventing ID document fraud at borders and inside the country. RKN Global provides countries with the opportunity to screen for both fake or fraudulently altered passports and IDs.  Its products include RKN Pass, a unique ID document verification system, as well as highly secure biometric and digital ID documents.

RKN Global’s Founder, Ronald Noble, Brings Vast Experience about How to Keep Countries Safe from International Crime and Terrorism:

In November 2014, Ronald Noble completed his third term and fourteenth year of service as Secretary General of INTERPOL, the world’s largest international police organization. He led its transition to a 24/7 enterprise, with Incident Response Teams deployed around the globe in response to serious crimes, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters. Mr. Noble led INTERPOL’s development of innovative crime fighting strategies, including an initiative for a vast increase of passport screening against its stolen and lost travel document database; building of a global database to identify and apprehend child sex predators; establishment of INTERPOL’s Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore to fight cyber-crime and enhance internet security; and partnerships with industry to fight medicine counterfeiting, tobacco trafficking, auto theft, match-fixing, terrorism and transnational crime.

Mr. Noble shared his knowledge and experience with students from all over the world as a professor of law at New York University and was held in high regard by students and faculty.

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