RKN Global on Sports Corruption: More on Why They Do It By Ronald Noble

Sports corruption in general, and match-fixing in particular, is largely driven by money.  Organized crime is, of course, motivated by money—the money they can make and the money they can launder in altering the results of sporting events and gambling correctly on the outcomes they control.  It is less obvious why players, who have devoted

RKN Global on Corruption in Politics: Redux

Corruption can affect people in all walks of life, as we have noted in this column before.  Specifically, government corruption is particularly pernicious. Ronald K. Noble, founder of RKN Global, has battled against corruption throughout his long career in national and international law enforcement.  He has seen that when corruption occurs in government, it is

RKN Global on Corruption in Sports, Part 4: The Whys of Corruption

Once we develop an appreciation for the harm that corruption causes in sports or any other field, we naturally want to look for ways to prevent it and stop it from occurring.  In general, as well as in the specific case of sports corruption and match-fixing in particular, it is important to understand why people

Ronald K. Noble on Sports Corruption: The Human Toll of Match-fixing

Corruption in sports is an everyday occurrence.  It can strike every sport at any level, anywhere in the world. Examples of fixed matches, as well as doping scandals, abound. Yet rarely do the disgraced come forward and talk about how their lives were destroyed because they succumbed to corruption.  Several years ago, a Croatian soccer

RKN Global on Corruption following Disaster Relief

In October, Hurricane Matthew struck the Caribbean and moved up to the southeast coast of the United States.  The storm claimed in excess of 1,600 lives, and caused more than 10 billion dollars of damage.  The Hurricane is not unique as a natural disaster.  Earthquakes in Italy and flooding in China are only some of

RKN Global on Corruption in Sports: More on Match-fixing’s Harms

Corruption in sports is an unfortunately too common phenomenon.  Match-fixing in particular is widespread in numerous sports in every country, yet there are many who are unaware of the problem, and others who remain unperturbed. Ronald K. Noble, founder of RKN Global, expresses the unfortunate truth that match-fixing is, indeed, very harmful. In our last