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Facebook Bans Company Connected to Fake Accounts and Elections

Facebook recently banned a company for running an influence campaign to disrupt elections in several countries. The tech giant also removed dozens of suspicious accounts that were spreading fake information across the platform, continuing a trend of fake accounts and elections. Facebook busts a network of fake accounts In its statement, the social media giant

Facebook and Blockchain

Facebook and Blockchain seem to be coming together as Facebook seems to be getting more and more serious about cryptocurrency and blockchain networks. Recent reports by Reuters note that the social media giant has registered a new financial technology company, which is focused on data analytics, investing, payments and blockchain, in Switzerland. Facebook and Blockchain

Zuckerberg Against a Facebook Breakup

      Facebook Breakup? The increase in Facebook’s growth is not just because of its user base, but also due to other precious acquisitions, like WhatsApp and Instagram. Some have levelled criticism at this, arguing that Facebook purchased its competition instead of nurturing innovation and actually competing. Recently, the cofounder of the company, who