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India to Take Legal Action If Twitter Fails To Stop Hate Messages

The government of India has warned Twitter of serious consequences, including legal action, if the micro-blogging giant fails to put a halt to incendiary messages that incite violence. Twitter has been criticized by many for not doing enough to combat hate speech and misinformation on its platform. Government advises Twitter to remove unlawful content, under

Security of US Government Websites during the Shutdown

The US Government shutdown–the longest in the history of United States—may have significant negative repercussions for the security of major US government websites. The staff, who have not been paid, have not been updating and maintaining these sites. As a result, some of the sites’ certificates have expired or are close to expiration. Why is

Iran Finalizes Development of Rial-Backed National Cryptocurrency

Iran has reportedly completed the development of its national cryptocurrency. Earlier in October, the US organization Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Fincen) issued a warning to US financial institutions that the Iranian government could be dodging economic sanctions by using cryptocurrencies. Iran’s national cryptocurrency to be backed by Rial The national cryptocurrency will be supported by

Twitter Removes Locked Accounts, Some Users Lose Millions of Followers

Twitter has been trying to combat bot accounts, locked accounts and fake news for a long time now. The tech company has been censured for not preventing hate speech on its platform, prompting it to start eliminating millions of accounts and bots. In contrast to these intentional elimination of false accounts, recently a bug caused