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Canada and UK MPs Join Forces to Summon Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, who has already answered questions of the European parliament and the US Congress and the Senate, was recently summoned by British and Canadian MPs. The joint hearing of the two parliaments was convened to compel the Facebook executive to answer all the parliamentarians’ questions over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Are Facebook’s Hate Speech Rules Better than Twitter’s?

In October, Facebook removed a video from the official account of Louis Farrakhan. Facebook said that the video, which compared Jews to termites, violated the company’s hate speech rules. Twitter, however, had not taken down the video and has said that its new policy on “dehumanizing comments” had not gone into effect yet. Video violates

Facebook Partnerships with Fact Checkers to Curb Fake News in Africa

After announcing its partnership with two third-party fact checkers in Kenya to curb the spread of fake news, Facebook has now announced a partnership with Africa Check and AFP to do the same in South Africa. The firms will work to help assess the accuracy of news spread on Facebook in both Kenya and South