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You won’t guess which cryptocurrency performed best last month

We saw a massive rise in several cryptocurrencies last year, especially in December; then, those currencies suffered an equally massive decline in the beginning of this year. But whereas Bitcoin fell from $17,135.84 (reported on Jan 6, 2018) to $10,908.67 (March 1, 2018), Ripple fell from $2.93 (reported on Jan 5, 2018) to $0.9360 (March

Why Do You Need To Be Careful With Cryptocurrency?

Fascination with cryptocurrency has become the new norm. Cryptocurrencies are trendy with online users who consider it a way to access money from outside the usual financial systems of the non-digital world. Cryptocurrency is particularly popular with people who want to challenge the establishment by utilizing this decentralized ledger without influence by third parties. Beginning

The continuous rise of BITCOIN

There were several digital cash technologies before the release of Bitcoin, like Stefan Brands and David Chaum’s ecash protocols, and hashcash of Adam Back. The domain name was registered on 18th August 2008, and the network came into existence in January 2009 with the issuance of the first bitcoins and the launch of the

UK Small Business Owners Think Cryptocurrency Will Go Mainstream By 2020

A recent national study by PaymentSense revealed that UK Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners anticipate cryptocurrency going mainstream within the next two years.  National survey of SMEs A survey of 504 business owners was conducted by the card machine provider PaymentSense in January. Over 35% of them believed that payments using cryptocurrency would be

How Might Regulators Handle ICOs?

Recently, Facebook announced its new policy concerning cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs):  It would ban all advertising relating to them, whether it was misleading or not.  This extremely broad policy undoubtedly made many crypto entrepreneurs undoubtedly that other social media platforms would follow suit. It might seem like the days of the gold rush,

Five Ways Cryptocurrencies Can Make the World A Better Place

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the way we think about money. It changes the way we store our money, do business and pay for services and products. As with all new technology, it has its supporters and detractors. Some investors refuse to accept cryptocurrency because they feel it encourages speculative investment and they believe that the current