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Prodeum ICO Exit Scammers Followed Theft with a Houdini Act

The Prodeum ICO is the latest – and one of the strangest – ICO exit scams to gain traction. The Prodeum ICO was ostensibly started by the project’s ‘founders’ in a bid to create a system that would make use of blockchain technology to track agriculture produce from the farms to the store. In fact,

The Challenges of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a global payment system that is popularly known as a cryptocurrency.  It is the first system of decentralized digital currency that works as a single administrator. All the transactions are done directly among users without a mediator. It is a global system of exchanging currencies across the internet, without being linked to an

ICO Exit Scams – Two of the Biggest Exit Scams to Date

Financial markets throughout the world are becoming increasingly better regulated;  security has tightened up and scams are now rarer than they have been before. Scammers do not seem to be too worried about these developments, since they have an even better avenue to exploit when it comes to scamming – cryptocurrencies. The latest innovation in