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Twitter “Toxic” to Advertisers and Investors: Amnesty International Report

Late last year, Twitter shares fell over 11% after a blistering report from Amnesty International stated that it found over 7.1% of 228,000 tweets sent to 778 female journalists and politicians in the US and UK were problematic or abusive. Further, the report called the social network toxic to investors and advertisers.   Toxic and

Facebook Suspended Accounts Tied to Alabama Senate Elections

  Facebook announced last December that it suspended five accounts that wrongly used its platform during the 2017 Alabama Senate election. The suspended accounts were removed for “engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior.” Facebook suspended account of research firm CEO The tech giant also shut down the account of social media research firm New Knowledge’s CEO,

Data Breach: Is Social Media Data Ever Safe?

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) opened a fresh investigation late last year into Facebook after the company admitted the existence of another privacy data breach in which private pictures of over 6.8 million users were compromised and made available to third-party apps. Privacy data breaches: Facebook’s ongoing problem Facebook has been associated with data scandals

Facebook Executive Denies Allegations of Company Paying To Create Fake News

The past several months have been difficult for Facebook: It has been criticized for not preventing fake news and misinformation and been blamed for interfering in the 2016 Presidential elections. Additionally, Facebook’s COO has recently had to deal with an allegation that in 2017, the company paid to create fake news. Facebook claims it didn’t