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RKN Global on transparency of political ads in social media

Twitter and Facebook have recently announced new features that enable users to view information about political ads on their platforms. Making it easier to identify political ads Twitter has made it easier for its users to identify political campaign ads and to know who paid for those ads. This feature comes to the platform after

RKN Global on: Facebook Takes another Step to Regulate Content

Facebook recently instituted a new content policy that it would not show gun accessory advertisements to users who are under the age of 18. Facebook updates its advertising content policy page Facebook has been under a lot of pressure in recent months. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which exploited the private information of almost 90 million

RKN Global on Twitter’s New ‘News Feature’

Twitter has come up with a new feature designed to make it easier to view newsworthy tweets. The social network will alert its users to live events and even present a curated list of tweets about them in their notifications area and at the top of their timeline. Here’s what the feature is about The

Facebook’s Latest Privacy Slip

It doesn’t look like this year is getting any better for Facebook. Recently, the tech giant reported a bug which led some Facebook users to post content publicly, regardless of their previous privacy settings. According to the tech company, the bug, which was reported on Thursday, has affected as many as 14 million Facebook users.

Twitter Attempting To Hide Tweets from Trolls

Twitter has declared that it is going to curb harassment and hate speech on its platform by hiding the tweets of trolls. The social network will start using algorithms starting this week to identify accounts which exhibit troll-like behavior. Twitter set to hide trolls by judging their behavior In its blog, Serving Healthy Conversation, the