RKN Global on Twitter’s New ‘News Feature’

Twitter has come up with a new feature designed to make it easier to view newsworthy tweets. The social network will alert its users to live events and even present a curated list of tweets about them in their notifications area and at the top of their timeline.

Here’s what the feature is about

The new presentation, which could include live video, is designed to assist users in finding the most relevant and the best tweets for ongoing live events, such as breaking news about an earthquake or a big baseball game. If an event is happening that it believes the user will be interested in, Twitter may send the user a personalized push notification.

Twitter will put those events at the top of the main timeline along with text and pictures to encourage the user to tap in and explore.  When users type something into search, the search function may feature large buttons pointing to the new views.

Twitter to prevent abuse and fake news through human moderators and algorithms

A Twitter official said that the idea of the new feature is to bring people a feature that power users already know how to do, which is ‘find the best tweets by following and searching the right accounts.’

Twitter intends to prevent abuse or fake news from appearing by using a mix of human curators and computer algorithms to choose the content of these new screens and decide whether the push alert should be sent to the user or not.


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