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Facebook is Planning on Getting News Shows for its Video Platform, “Watch”

Facebook is quite close to announcing news shows for its video platform, Watch, which will include content from the likes of CNN and Fox News. According to people familiar with the matter, the social media platform will finance the news programs that are being negotiated, and the programs will run on Facebook exclusively. Facebook to

The Complexity of Combating Fake News

  Last month, representatives from popular social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter were talking about their difficulties in trying to combat fake news, hate speech and hate propaganda before an audience of lawyers and law students. They said that the problem is complex, which is why it has no easy answers. Executives are

Will A.I. Solve Facebook’s Fake News Problem?

Facebook’s troubles with abuse–including unwanted content from nudity, to hate speech to serious violence—do not seem to be amenable to an easy solution. However, these days what has proven to be most damaging and sensitive for the tech giant is fake news, false information and hoaxes. Facebook’s strategy to deal with the Fake News issue