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Ronald Noble, RKN Global founder, on Food Corruption

U.S. legislators are calling for sanctions against Venezuelan officials who are taking advantage of the power afforded to them in the midst of a painful food shortage crisis in order to take bribes and corruptly profit off of the misfortune and hunger of the people of Venezuela. Ronald Noble, RKN Global’s founder, explains that all

Ronald Noble, RKN Global Founder, on the Death of Brazilian Corruption Investigator

In light of the corruption allegations and investigations that have reverberated throughout Brazil this past year, the death today of the Supreme Court justice who oversaw an enormous corruption investigation is both tragic and deeply troubling.  While it is too early to know the cause of the plane crash off the Brazilian coast that caused

Ronald Noble, RKN Global’s Founder, on the Overseas Trial for Corruption of a President’s Son

The power afforded to high level government officials offers tremendous temptation for corruption.  At times, this corruption can affect the family of those officials as well.  This may be illustrated by the case of Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, (“Mangue”) the son of the President of Equatorial Guinea, who is standing trial in France for corruption.

Ronald Noble, RKN Global’s Founder, on Bribery in Getting Contracts

The year 2015 offered the public a very public view of a massive FBI operation against executives of FIFA, the world football (soccer) organization, and of various individuals and companies that allegedly were involved in corrupt dealings in soccer.   As we now enter 2017 and the case progresses, one of those companies, Torneos y

Ronald Noble, RKN Global’s founder, on Political Corruption Allegations in Hong Kong

Another former political leader has made headlines with allegations of corruption.  Donald Tsang, who was the chief executive of Hong Kong from 2005-2012, entered his plea of not guilty in court on January 3rd as he stands trial for corruption. RKN Global’s founder Ronald Noble believes strongly in the presumption that one is innocent until