RKN Global’s RKN Pass to Stay One Step Ahead of Terrorists


Terrorists need fake passports and travel documents just as much as they need weapons. Over the years, terrorists have used either stolen or fake passports to get on flights or cruise ships, to get jobs, to open bank accounts or to hide in different countries. Putting an end to terrorist attacks takes more than safeguarding borders.  An efficient and systematic passport screening system should be put in place to disrupt and even stop terrorist activities in establishments.

RKN Global’s system safeguards against terrorist activities

A part of strengthening security in all points of entries to a country is using an efficient and reliable ID document screening and verification system – one that would immediately distinguish falsified travel documents from authentic.  Such a system could expose a terrorist, criminal or black-listed person.

RKN Pass has several important security features such as

  • Screening documents IDs and passports against databases of stolen and lost travel documents if authorized by the relevant country.
  • Detecting a fake or counterfeit passport using data from a document’s Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) as well as sophisticated technical analysis of the document’s physical properties.
  • Flagging persons who are wanted for arrest either nationally, regionally or internationally.
  • Exploiting suspected terrorist lists provide by governments.
  • Screening against no-fly lists and blacklists that are provided by the government.

RKN Pass will help governments and private sectors be a step ahead of terrorists, criminals and people that are up to no good. It can detain persons of interest as soon as they present their fake or stolen documents and it can also help control dangerous activities in any country or location.

RKN Global’s RKN Pass can only work with cooperation from governments.

RKN Pass needs to be put into action using standard procedures and firm cooperation from government officials and authorized private sector entities. For the mandatory screening of documents, RKN Pass needs a decree or law stating that all passports, travel documents or identification documents used to enter a country, board a plane, open a bank account or stay in a hotel must be screened. This is to determine if the documents are stolen, fraudulently altered or fake.

Any businesses or any private sector agency that would like to use RKN Pass would only need to come up with a corporate decision to implement the use of the system.

Once all the necessary requirements have been put in place, technicians and RKN Pass team members will install RKN Pass into the relevant security system. The RKN Pass team will also make sure that the system is working properly and training is done for people who will actually use the system for security verification.

RKN Pass does not need any additional hardware installed.  In fact, existing scanners may be used.

RKN Global believes that there is no other choice but to improve the screening of passports.

Terrorists and criminals are coming to harm us and no one can tell where they will strike next. The best way is to disrupt and block their dangerous activity is to systematically screen their passports and identity documents.  There is no other choice if countries wish to keep their citizens and visitors safe from the threat of terrorists and dangerous criminals.

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