RKN Global founder, Ronald Noble, applauds UK PM May’s demand for global crackdown on airport terror threat

RKN Global

The threat of global terrorism continues to grow — almost daily. Fortunately, UK Prime Minster Theresa May is advocating measurable actions to tighten aviation security and protect countries the world over from terrorism.

Ronald Noble, former INTERPOL Secretary General is applauding her efforts. However, he recommends further steps be taken. His company, RKN Global, is leading the way for advanced airport security.

For example, RKN Global’s RKN Pass is designed to stop international terrorists and dangerous criminals with an integrated screening solution. RKN Global’s RKN Pass uses software to detect stolen, fraudulent and fake passports and prevent criminals from accessing international flights.

RKN Global created RKN Pass to enhance airline and air passenger security:

RKN Global

As Secretary General of INTERPOL, Ronald Noble identified the risk of terrorists boarding planes using stolen passports as one of the most serious security threats confronting the world.  Noble recalled that as far back as 1992, Ramzi Yousef, the convicted mastermind of the first world trade center bombing on 26 February 1993 entered the US using a stolen Iraqi passport.  Thereafter, countless other terrorists and dangerous persons used stolen, fake or fraudulently altered passports to cross borders.

Here are some examples:

  • The September 11, 2001 terrorists used a number of false and fraudulently altered identity documents to facilitate their planning and preparation for those attacks.
  • Two Iranian nationals used authentic passports to enter Malaysia in March 2014, threw those passports away and then used stolen European passports to board Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which went missing.  This exposed a great vulnerability facing countries worldwide.
  • Last year, the Royal Thai police arrested a suspect in the August 2015 Bangkok terrorist bombing that killed 20 innocent people.  This suspect had a fake Turkish passport that was believed to have been used to enter Thailand and to rent apartments there.
  • The perpetrators of the Paris attacks last November used false passports in the furtherance of their murderous plans.

RKN Global believes that disrupting terrorist travel remains an effective part of the solution to fighting terrorism linked to airlines:

To disrupt the ability of terrorists to travel and operate internationally, we must focus first and foremost on stolen, fake and fraudulent passports used to cross borders.  But in today’s world where terrorists use one passport to cross a border and another passport to get on airplanes, open bank accounts, stay in hotels and even get jobs, we need to screen passports at borders and inside the country.  The U.S. 9/11 Commission Report noted in this regard that “For terrorists, travel documents are as important as weapons.” 

RKN Pass is an important part of the solution to help governments and private sector entities detect terrorists, dangerous criminals, and other persons of interest at the borders as well as within their country.  It is the screening solution that can help keep your country safe.

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