RKN Global Vision for a Safer World


RKN Global was founded in January 2016 by Ronald Noble after having served 14 years as INTERPOL Secretary General. Perhaps the greatest weakness confronting governments, businesses and individuals around the world is there inability to verify the authenticity and validity of identity documents. RKN Global has developed a state-of-the art product called RKN Pass which will permit governments and businesses to screen passports and other identity documents being used by individuals to cross borders and to engage in business transactions. Currently, much of the information that could be used to verify identity documents is not being shared by law enforcement internationally and it is being withheld from businesses. The RKN Pass platform has been designed in a way to encourage governments to share information in a manner that does not breach the security of the information or the privacy of individuals. RKN Pass also does not require governments or businesses to change the way that they currently scan passports just the software supporting the screening changes. By improving the quantity and quality of passport screening, the world will become a safer place by preventing terrorists and other dangerous persons to cross borders to plan and carry out dangerous criminal deeds.

The RKN Global Ethos

Dedication to safety and security for citizens, businesses and countries is the raison d’etre of RKN Global. Our founder, Ronald Noble, recognized from his vast experience as INTERPOL Secretary General, and prior to that as a senior U.S. law enforcement official, that the crime and terrorist threats we face today are complex and multi-faceted, and require a concerted response by all those affected. Protecting our society requires that government and the private sector both work together to tackle these challenges—neither is sufficient by itself in the face of transnational crime and terrorism that grows ever more sophisticated. For this reason, RKN Pass has been developed for use both by businesses and law enforcement, enabling law enforcement to share the necessary information with businesses to identify potential threats, and therefore for businesses such as airlines, hotels, banks and multinational corporations, to be able to detect criminals and terrorists in the course of business who would not otherwise cross the radar of the government. RKN Global’s dedication to safety and security is supported by its founder’s tremendous expertise from over twenty years in law enforcement, and by an unparalleled technical development team, to deliver the highest quality security products to help detect criminals and terrorists and verify identity.

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