The Need for Cyber-Security Professionals

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The Need for Cyber-Security Professionals

The Importance of Cyber-Security

It is no longer possible to ignore cyber-security.  The risk of cyber attacks is very real and affects millions of businesses. There is not a day that goes by without a hack. In many cases, victimized companies do not have the important security tools necessary to prevent it or reduce its impact.

Cyber-attacks can lead to both financial and reputational losses, even to the point of shutting a company down. The public healthcare IT systems of Singapore, for example, suffered a cyber-attack in 2018 which compromised the sensitive and personal data of over 160,000 patients. There is not a single developing or developed country that has not been affected by a cyber-attack. Cyber security is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

In Light of the Need for Cyber-Security Professionals, Who Will Work in Cyber-Security?

One cyber-security expert, Dr. Magda Chelly, explained the across-the-board need for cyber-security professionals.  Until recently, the demand for cyber security services was not as great as it is now. Companies were more interested in IT, CRMs and digitalization.  As a result, new graduates went to pursue careers in other cyber fields, which is why there has been a shortage of cyber-security professionals. As a result, the shortage of cyber-security professionals will likely continue until 2028.

Chelly explained that until a few years ago, cyber-security required primarily technical skills, but now companies look for skills like incident and crisis management, security management, and threat and vulnerability assessment. Furthermore, while industry-recognized certifications like CSSP or CISSP certifications are important, real-life hacking experience can be invaluable.




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