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Hackers Targeting the COVID-19 Response


Last month, the United Kingdom and the United States issued a warning about ongoing cyberattacks against companies and institutions involved in the COVID-19 response.  Hackers have targeted health care institutions, academics, pharmaceutical companies, local governments, and medical research organizations.

Hackers trying to steal information related to COVID-19

Authorities report that the hackers target organizations frequently to collect intellectual property and intelligence, as well as personal information. Currently, developing a vaccine for the coronavirus pandemic is a top priority for every country.

Health care providers must remain alert

The U.K./U.S. warning reported large-scale ‘password spraying’ campaigns against medical research organizations and healthcare bodies in the past. Password spraying is when a hacker tries to access a large number of accounts by using common passwords. Therefore, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, a major area of concern is the possibility of cyber attacks against U.S. hospitals and labs.

Health care providers, hospitals, research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, which are at the frontline of fighting COVID-19 pandemic, must stay alert to prevent any kind of breach by hackers. It remains extremely important for them to secure their networks properly, keep strong passwords, use authentic networks and update their cybersecurity tools.



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