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Is the Future of Cryptocurrency Bleak or Bright?

There has been  debate on the future of cryptocurrency for a long time now. Last year, people lost over $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency in theft from different currency exchanges. Earlier this year, Cryptopia – a New Zealand-based exchange – was hacked and cybercriminals stole over $3.6 million. Cryptocurrency is not regulated, which is why

Technology a Boon or Bane for Cyber Risks?

Expansion of technology has both advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to cyber risks and cyber security, the disadvantages might seem to be greater for now. Aon recently released its Cyber Security Risk Report, in which the company discussed the main cyber risks any business might face this year. More use of technology can

$2.47 Million Hacker Crypto Theft

    In a recent crypto theft, hackers stole $2.47 million worth of cryptocurrency from a Turkish firm. Crypto networks are exposed to cyber and crypto theft threats, and hackers are constantly trying to find ways to breach security measures. This is one of the main reasons why cryptocurrency firms and networks spend a lot

Cyber Attack on Australian Parliament’s System

  In recent years, Australia has faced several cyber attacks, some of which local media attributed to countries like China. There were massive attacks in 2015 and 2016 on the government’s weather and statistics agencies, for example. Australia’s Parliament was also hit by a cyber attack recently, and all its passwords were reset for security

Facebook Discussed Charging Companies for User Data

According to reports, Facebook staff discussed requiring companies to pay to access to user data. However, this discussion did not turn into action, as the company decided against such policy. The internal discussions were discovered in edited court documents released by the company during litigation against software developer Six4Three in 2018. Documents presented in a

Artificial intelligence to Play a Major Role in Cybersecurity in 2019

The year 2018 has ended and we’re well into the beginning of 2019. The major shifts that organizations and security teams might anticipate in this year could be in the line of artificial intelligence, machine learning and risk management tools. Trends in cybersecurity There were several data breaches in companies like Facebook (87 million+ records