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How to Use Esports to Improve Student Performance

It’s no secret that students today are under immense pressure to perform well in school. With the ever-growing competition to get into good colleges and universities, the pressure to succeed can sometimes be overwhelming. Esports might have a positive contribution here.  While it might seem like a frivolous activity, esports can actually improve student performance.

Using esports to improve student performance

Esports can improve student performance in four main ways.

·         Esports to improve student performance: Building confidence

Confidence plays a critical role in student performance. A confident student is determined to accomplish all tasks successfully, including complex tasks. When students gain confidence, it not only helps to improve their school performance, but their lives as a whole.

Esports presents students with various challenges during training and when playing. Students need to apply critical thinking, strategize, play skillfully and multitask when playing esports. The drive to win esports games builds confidence in students as they strive to win. Esports advocates argue that this drive also could apply to their academic and personal issues as they remain assertive in pursuit of their goals.

·         Improving student engagement

Another benefit of esports is that it can improve student engagement. This is because esports is a very immersive and engaging activity. When students are playing esports, they are so focused on the game that they are not thinking about anything else. This might help them to better retain information and stay engaged in their studies.

·         Equipping students with important skills

In addition to building student confidence and improving student engagement, esports can also equip students with important skills. One of the most important skills that students can learn from esports is how to manage their time.

This is because esports requires players to plan and strategize. They need to be able to manage their time in order to win. This is a skill that can be transferred to other areas of life, such as schoolwork and projects.

Another essential skill that students can learn from esports is how to deal with failure. In esports, players will often lose games. However, it is how they deal with these losses that is important.

Students need to be able to pick themselves up and learn from their mistakes. This is a valuable skill that can be applied in academics.

Final word

Esports is a growing industry with immense potential. While it might seem like a frivolous activity, esports shows some promise to help improve student performance. Esports can help build student confidence, improve engagement, and equip students with important skills. These are all essential for success in school.


How Much Do Esports Players Make

How much do esports players make?  Esports has continued to grow and attract more people. The amount that players earn mainly depends on different tournaments and the level of a player’s expertise. Another determining factor for esports earnings is annual events and streaming.

Let’s review how much players earn through esports.

So — how much do esports players make?

Most players have non-disclosure agreements with different teams. This makes it hard to clearly know how much a player makes. Through the various earning platforms, however, it seems that esports players’ earnings are approximately $50,000 from tournament prizes, and $1,500 to $2,000 from streaming. Pro gamers who earn salaries make approximately $4,000 to $5,000 monthly, or $50,000 to $60,000 annually.

Gamers who earn in this range are mainly high-profile players in top games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch. For the Overwatch League, for instance, salaried players earn $50,000 to $5 million. The amount that the players are paid depends on how well they perform in the league and their efforts to help secure a better chunk of the tournament prize pool.

Salaried players in the NBA2K earn between $33,000 and $44,000 annually, although the NBA2K the league attracts fewer viewers. As the esports sector continues to grow, the prize money has often increased.

Salaried esports players

Most esports players begin as gaming lovers who practice their gaming hobbies as teenagers.

There is no guarantee that esports players will end up as salaried players. When one becomes a paid esports player, however, he or she must fully commit to making esports a full-time career. Even with the full-time commitment, there is no guarantee that a player will become a top player and that the profession will pay off. Many players still desire to become salaried players and to make a great impact in the competitive gaming sector.

Tournament prize pool

In 2021, the Dota 2 prize pool offered the highest running prize pool, worth $40 million. Prize pools are a common way for players to earn, even when they are only starting out as professional players. Pro players who play for top esports organizations earn between $50,000 and $75,000 annually upon signing.

Tournament prizes are highly regarded as a way to make money because they enable players to continue earning as though they are employed. For salaried players, tournament prizes are a major source of additional income. The tournament prizes are also ideal for beginners as they earn enough to continue practicing, make partnerships, and create content.

Parting shot

Esports can be a hobby and a good source of income. There are various ways of making money, and esports players earn different amounts depending on their level of expertise, the type of esports teams they join, and how they do in tournaments.