A look at eSports

Esports have grown over the past few years, with some games gaining more popularity than others.  Beginners to esports may not have a great grasp of what they are about.  Therefore, today we will have a look at esports through examples of 3 very popular esports games.

1.     A look at esports: Apex Legends

The free-to-play Apex Legends is a hero shooter game from Respawn Entertainment. Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch all offer the game, published by Electronic Arts.

Players group themselves in squads of two to three players, who then choose different abilities (Legends). Once the players choose their legends, the game begins with both teams being flown over the game map.

Once on land after jumping from the aircraft, the players begin scavenging for weapons, equipment, and weapons in buildings and random crates on the map, while watching out for other squads.

Each squad can use their game controllers to communicate strategies, locations of weapons and armor, and strategies.

The game has safe zones, which diminish as the game progresses. When players fail to reach a safe zone fast enough, they weaken gradually and die. The winner is the squad with the most players alive by the end of the game.

2.     A look at esports: Dota 2

Valve Corporation’s Dota 2 is a multiplayer battle arena game developed as a sequel to the game Defense of the Ancients: All Star. Dota 2 is popular in Europe and North America.

Players are in two teams of five. These teams choose from different heroes. Heroes have different strengths, weaknesses, designs, and roles. Some players are core heroes, and others are support heroes.

Core heroes begin the game as weak, gaining strength as the game continues. With their increasing strength, they can lead their team to victory.

Each hero gains strength and power gradually, in preparation to fight the other team’s Ancient. The Ancient is a glowing building in your enemy’s home base. The other team will also fight to destroy your team’s Ancient.

The game requires strategy from both teams if they are to win the game. This includes determining your gameplay as well as matching skills to the right people.

This game comes with quite the learning curve, but it is considered one of the popular games. It is free to play on steam and has attracted over a million players.

3.     A look at esports: Fortnite

Epic Games released the popular multiplayer online game, Fortnite, in 2017. The game comes with three modes from which players can choose. The “Save the World” mode consists of up to four players defending themselves and survivors from zombie-like creatures.

In “Save the World” mode, a freak storm has eliminated 98% of the population and the survivors must protect themselves from zombies (husks). Players build a home base and shelters, collect resources, save survivors, and defend equipment to help them fight the storm.

In “Battle Royale” mode, individual players or team members play against each other until one player is left standing. In battle Royale, players are dropped onto the game map from a Battle Bus, after which they must start scavenging for weapons, resources, and vehicles while trying to protect themselves from other players.

Players must also be aware of the encroaching toxic storm that forces players closer together until only one player, the winner, is left standing.

Finally, creative mode gives players creative control over the gaming world. In this mode, players can create their games and challenges within the game.


The esports world is full of games that interest millions.  Hopefully, this article’s description of three popular games can help provide a glimpse into what some esports games are about.


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