RobbinHood – the Latest Ransomware in Town

A new ransomware hitting the computer universe is called RobbinHood.  It targets companies and networked computers. It doesn’t spread through traditional media like spam emails or links.  Instead, it spreads through other methods like trojans that give access to the hackers.

Ransomware is malicious software which attacks computers and networks, and interferes with their use.  Many ransomware programs encrypt and lock the victims’ data. They then offer to unlock it only in exchange for ransom payments. The ransom demand often requires payment in cryptocurrency.

To avoid being caught by security software and defenses, hackers using RobbinHood work to execute the ransomware as quickly as possible when performing a network-wide hack.

Prevention is key

Good general cyber-security practices are important in protecting against ransomware attacks like RobbinHood.  Of course, it is important to use antivirus software that can remove the ransomware before it is executed.

Additionally, it is important to deploy a range of technologies to disrupt as many stages of the attack as possible. These include enabling important functionality in endpoint security software, and integrating the public cloud into security strategies. Other approaches include strong security practices like using complex passwords, regular patching, multi-factor authentication, data backups, limited access rights, and locking down vulnerable remote access services. Finally, there is the human element: continuing to invest in employee security training.  Human beings are often the weakest link in cybersecurity.  Therefore, strengthening user awareness is therefore an essential element to protecting against cyber threats.

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