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Facebook Partnerships with Fact Checkers to Curb the Spread of Fake News in Africa

After announcing its partnership with two third-party fact checkers in Kenya to curb the spread of fake news, Facebook has now announced a partnership with Africa Check and AFP to do the same in South Africa. The firms will work to help assess the accuracy of news spread on Facebook in both Kenya and South

Twitter Investigated for Link Shortening

Privacy regulators in Ireland have started an investigation on the data Twitter collects from its URL-, or link shortening system, called . How and where did it all start? A privacy researcher named Michael Veale – who works at University College London – asked Twitter to provide more information about the data it collects

Hackers Stole Around $60 Million in Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack

Hackers recently stole cryptocurrency worth about $60 million  from Zaif, a Japanese digital currency exchange. Hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges grab good deal of attention because the exchanges are easy targets. Through some of the most popular cryptocurrency hacks, hackers stole more than 980,000 bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from unregulated and uninsured cryptocurrency exchanges.  The cryptocurrency

Possible Success of Facebook’s Efforts to Limit Fake News

Success! A new working paper from Stanford and NYU researchers suggests that Facebook’s efforts to get misinformation and fake news out of its users’ feeds seem to be working. The overall magnitude of the fake news problem may have lessened– at least temporarily – and Facebook’s efforts after 2016 election to control “diffusion of misinformation