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Ronald K. Noble, RKN Global Founder, on Spoiled Rotten: Corruption in the Meat Industry

The people of Brazil have been victims far too long of corruption in various sectors, several of which have been examined here on this site previously.  As the third anniversary of the infamous “Operation Car Wash” came, the country’s citizens became privy to a new scandal, this one involving the largest meat-packing company in the

RKN Global on Corruption by Local Public Officials

The mayor of Paterson, New Jersey was recently accused of public corruption charges, allegedly involving a bid to provide members of his family with free labor by getting tax payers to pay the workers’ salaries.1 The charges allege that Mayor Jose Torres and three other staff members hired municipal employees to work in a warehouse

Ronald K. Noble, RKN Global Founder, on Corruption in Secure Industries

Israeli news outlets have reported that the country’s elite anti-corruption unit of the police, called Lahav 433, arrested over a dozen people following a months’ long “covert operation” into alleged corruption in the Israeli Aerospace Industries, the government-owned manufacturer of aerial and space systems for the country’s military and civilian spheres.  Because of the sensitive

Ronald K. Noble, RKN Global’s Founder, on Encryption, Corruption, Terrorism, and Privacy

The revelation that the terrorist who killed four people in London in the end of March had accessed WhatsApp a few minutes before his attack has led to a public dispute that pits government authorities looking to maximize crime-fighting and anti-terror capabilities against private sector technology companies and privacy advocates.  The dispute pits the legitimate