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RKN Global’s Vision for a Safer and Corruption Free World


RKN Global’s founder, Ronald Noble, fought corruption on all fronts as INTERPOL’s Secretary General from 2000 to 2014. At INTERPOL, Ronald Noble discovered a link between corruption and fraudulent passports and identity documents. Ronald Noble believes that by fighting corruption and improving the quantity and quality of passport screening, the world will become a safer place. The company he founded, RKN Global, developed RKN Pass to permit governments and businesses to screen passports used by terrorists, human traffickers, corrupt individuals and dangerous persons to cross borders. The RKN Pass platform has been designed in a way to encourage governments to share information in a manner that does not breach the security of the information or the privacy of individuals. RKN Pass also does not require governments or businesses to change the way that they currently scan passports just the software supporting the screening changes.


The RKN Global Ethos

RKN Global’s raison d’etre is to provide governments, businesses and individuals with the tools to keep them safe from corruption and serious crime. RKN Global’s founder, Ronald Noble, recognized from his vast experience as INTERPOL Secretary General, and prior to that as a senior U.S. law enforcement official, that the crime and terrorist threats we face today are complex and multi-faceted. Nonetheless, by focusing on fighting the use of stolen, false and fraudulent passports and corruption, countries make improve on the security and quality of life of their citizens.